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AI Dataset

Analysis of AI services purposes, shape, way to define the shape of an optimized data and provides the best data through the stages of systematic data collection, refining, processing and inspection.

AI Analysis

We prepare for providing the best data by comprehensively analyzing the purpose, form, and method of AI service that customers want to build.

Data Collection

Based on the analysis, we collect high-quality data through stages of collection plan, method, procedure, and inspection.

Data Cleansing

Data that has been collected in a variety of media and forms you'll have the AI data structure through actions such as quality inspection, data conversion, integration.

Data Processing

We provide the highest level of processing data through a systematic process by utilizing an annotation tool for efficiently processing a large amount of information and a manpower with rich data set experience.

Data Validation

Standardized step-by-step inspection and completion inspection by our dedicated inspection team guarantee 99.9% data accuracy.

Building process AI Datasets

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  • AI Analysis
  • Data Collection
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Processing
  • Data Validation
  • AI Dataset